Exercise Ideas for Weight Management In Healthy Children
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You can help your overweight child to manage his/her weight better by encouraging increased physical activity. The following are some suggestions for making sure that a child gets plenty of physical activity:
· Do not carry a child that can walk.
· Provide a safe environment for children, which allows them to run and play without confinement.
· Encourage children to play outdoors all year long. Good outdoor activities, some of which require adult supervision, are:
1. Playing with balls
2. Jumping rope/games of tag
3. Swimming
4. Sledding
5. Bicycling

· Walk with children instead of driving when you go anywhere within walking distance.
· Play with children whenever possible to encourage a fondness for activity.
· Encourage kids to play with other youngsters. Running, jumping, and dancing are all good group activities.
· Encourage your child to become involved in some organized sports activity throughout the year such as: soccer, basketball, T-ball or Little League, swim team, gymnastics, ballet or other dance class
· Limit the amount of televison your child watches to no more than 1-2 hours per day.
· If you own a dog and your child is old enough, make your child responsible for walking it.

Activities Preschoolers Enjoy
· Running in place, doing jumping jacks, throwing and catching balls
· Pushing, pulling, riding and loading using wagons, tricycles, carriages, pull-toys etc.
· Rocking, swinging, sliding on playground equipment.
· Remember always to supervise young children so they can play in sand, snow, or water safely!